Golf Clash Review – Where the hell will the ball fall?

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Since playing video games, I have always been attracted to those who were related to the world of golf. I do not know why. It may be for the green meadows, the choice of the most suitable suitor watch as the ball furrows the sunny skies. The fact is that here I present one of the ones that have caught my attention lately. It’s called Golf Clash.

Playdemic is the Manchester studio that has developed this game. They have a staff of 65 people, which is not to be taken as a joke. And they have as a mission, to surprise the gamers with games that surpass their expectations. With me they certainly have.

Golf Clash – Club House Meetings

I guess you can imagine why it’s called Golf Clash, right? Because it is golf battles against other players in real time.

The gameplay is very simple. You will play a single hole against another golfer and, in the event of a tie, another hole will be played par 3. In this case, the player who approaches the hole the most at a single stroke wins the game.

NOTE: I had a game in which the two made a hole in one, and you have to throw again. But of course, it is not normal.

To find rivals you have to enter a circuit, which has a cost of coins. Those same coins will be your bet against your opponent. The one who wins takes the pasta. Also, when you win, your trophies will increase. And these are worth to unlock the next circuit. The higher the course, the higher the cost of admission and the greater the prize.

Who has a right stick has a treasure

One of the interesting things about this game is the choice of clubs. Not all circuits come better the same sticks. When you go learning the fields, you will realize that this is crucial. And your wisdom, when choosing and dominating them, will give you the victory.

To get the sticks you will have to collect the cards that appear in the coffers that give you the game. These will be given to you after a while or if you are winning games. When you have a certain number of cards of the same suit, and if you have money, you can raise them to level and improve their qualities. Does this mechanic sound to you? It is the same, accurate, and equal to that of the Clash Royale game.

Get control of the elements

Come now with the playability part of this Golf Clash. To win games, you must have complete control of your environment. In all golf games, it is essential that you take into account the wind, as this will displace your ball during the flight and may play a trick.

Depending on the level of club you have, it will be more or less easy to play the holes and make a good result. Some will have more power, others better topspin or backspin, better accuracy or better curve. But what makes the blow easier (at least I see it myself) is the ball guide.

This guide will tell you where the ball will fall if you strike a perfect shot. It will take into account the backspin and the topspin and also the terrain relief. But it does not take into account the wind or the effect you can give it. That’s where the mastery of Golf Clash lies.

Test your aim from the tee

As for the rest of the characteristics of this game I can emphasize that it is possible to keep the blows that you give in the field. Just touch the heart that appears in the lower right corner each time you execute a hit. You can see it whenever you want and share it with your friends.

You can link the game to your Facebook account to track your game on another device. Something I find critical not to lose your progress.

And just like in Clash Royale, you can make purchases with real money to have more coins and jewelry, and that way you can get letters and get better sticks.

Golf Clash Trailer

Golf Clash Analysis by categories:


The control of the beating is very simple, which is appreciated. You can easily make shots with effect and make right hooks and slices. But that ball falls exactly where you want … that is already another meal.

It has all the fun it takes. Simple handling, the collection of clubs, fights with other players in real time, classifications and quick games. The latter is grateful for a mobile game.


They do not stand out especially. It could be any other golf game. Even so, that does not mean that they are wrong.

The menu screens are well maintained. Good design and visibility. In the section of the game is where it becomes more vulgar. Not too impressed. In your favor, I will say, that I imagine that they do so by giving speed to online games and that not so many resources are needed.


In the section of sound effects you see (rather be heard), they have emphasized the detail. Highlight especially the effects of hitting the ball and the contact of the ball with the ground.

Although golf is a sport where you have to keep quiet. It is missed that, at least in the menu, you hear the typical lift music that is characteristic of these games. In the presentation trailer that you can see in this article, you listen to a song that could perfectly have been included.

Final verdict:

Very addictive. The ability to play with other players in real time and see how scales in the ranking makes you want to play and play. Also, control of the throws is so simple that, with some practice, you can make splendid blows and leave your opponents open.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I have played so many golf games and on so many platforms that I can certainly say that this is one of my favorites. You can not miss the Golf Clash icon on your mobile desktop.

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