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I’ve been playing Star Wars Force Arena from the day of the launch and I have to confess that I’m hooked. The new Lucasfilm game developed by Netmarble Games has exceeded my expectations. Apart from this analysis we have already created a new section where we have uploaded guides of Star Wars Force Arena.

Form team and start the fight

In Star Wars Force Arena we must create a team on the light side of light or dark side. Our team will consist of eight cards, one of which will be the squad leader and the other cards will form our battle squad. The game already has more than 80 characters and units of the star wars universe.

As in other games of the style we have different types of cards, common, rare, special and legendary. Each of them will be more or less difficult to get and more or less powerful.

Star Wars Force Arena cards, apart from their battle specifications, have a cost of energy. If you are Clash Royale players think that it is the cost of elixir that it costs to throw the card into battle. During the game we must control the cost of energy and go throwing the cards that suit us best in each situation.

The biggest difference regarding Clash Royale is that in battles we will control our team leader and we will be able to move around the stage as we want. This incredibly increases the possibility of creating strategies during battles.

Star Wars Force Arena introduces us new battle modes

As I was commenting, Star Wars Force Arena drinks directly from games like Clash Royale but have incorporated improvements that really surprised me. One of them are the battles, on the one hand we will have the typical individual battle but on the other hand we will have the battles two against two where we can team up with other players and attack together.

Clearly, for this we must first join a guild, the guilds are like the clans of other similar games. In the guilds we can play friendly games and talk with other players.

This is a great game of strategy and skill where players must create decks of cards with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader himself.

The Guild Of The Playmaker Mobile

We already have our own guild and it is called “ElJugonDeMovil”. We will be waiting for you to play incredible games and advance together in this great adventure presented by Lucasfilm.

We will continue playing this great game and discovering the innovations that will bring us. Above all, what we have to do now is to improve our cards and try out good combinations of decks. Follow the same pattern of other games that we know, we will have our tank cards, fast cards in attack, letters to attack from afar and many more that we will discover little by little.

Star Wars Force Arena Trailer

Star Wars Force Arena Review


The initial tutorial is very complete and if you are not expert in games of this style you will learn everything you need with it. The menu is well composed and switch between the screens of which the game is easy and are well situated.

Moving the leader during the battle is simple and fast. Throwing the cards is easy and reacts very well to the player’s requests. They should improve the load a little bit of the games but I understand that it may be because the game has just started and still does not have as many players as other games.


The game is visually fine. The menus are very well worked out and the displays visually are very attractive. At the time of the battles do not fall short, we have great variety of animations and a good performance of the game. The effects during the battles also live up to expectations.

But … it occurs when we review the scenarios where the battles occur, they could be much better, in my humble opinion, they should improve enough to reach the level of other games.


The soundtrack of the game, as it could not be otherwise, is excellent. The sound effects of fights could become a little repetitive but this happens a lot in games where many characters use the same weapons, so at the moment we will not penalize for it.

Final Verdict:

Finally we have a game of Star Wars where the strategy of the battles will be decisive in the outcome of the game because this time we do not fight against an AI but we will against real players. I’m looking forward to the game continue to grow to see the news that bring us and how far you can get.

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